Dedicated Teams

We offer the formation of remote teams according to the client’s needs and criteria. We provide experienced and highly-skilled developers, quality assurance engineers, graphic and web designers.

ViceSoft takes the responsibility to:

  • Find promising recruits through our help
  • Schedule interviews and help with selection
  • Setup office for the newly formed team
  • Provide equipment
  • Deal with administrative, accounting, financial, legal and payroll tasks
  • Update the client with information about team spirit and team needs

A dedicated team is a long-term service to our clients.

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated team is completely at the client’s disposal and works as an international remote team of the same company. ViceSoft provides resources like office space and equipment and takes responsibility for administrative operations necessary to ensure the team work goes smoothly. The client concentrates over the project and deliverables and is able to manage the team directly and monitor progress by emails, skype, slack or over the phone in urgent situations.

Project Management

Project management remains under the client’s control. ViceSoft can provide a local team leader or project manager if the client decides to outsource that expertise as well. ViceSoft’s management agrees to provide the client with feedback about team’s culture and spirit so that to facilitate operation and help developing clear communication and trust.


The team leader can work either in the headquarters of the client or in the dedicated team in Bulgaria depending on client’s requirement and the specific project’s needs. It is up to the client how the progress will be monitored: daily or weekly meetings, whether to use Scrum or other methodologies. ViceSoft does not interfere in the client’s reporting system and can only give feedback upon request. Reporting can be requested from the team in the preliminary negotiated with the client work hours. In Bulgaria this is usually a 40-hours work week excluding national holidays.

Team Members

We preselect eligible candidates before introducing them to the client. Every resume goes through a rigorous selection so that we can offer the best match for the new team both in terms of technical knowledge and attitude to the project and team work. After that we work in close collaboration with the client to schedule interviews and discuss each applicant. We act like consultants but the clients take the final decision about every team member. There is an option for a replacement if the team member does not meet the client’s expectations. Options for dismissal are also open and are discussed with the client prior to signing a contract with ViceSoft.

Annual Vacations

According to the Bulgarian law every employee is entitled to receive 1.7 days of paid leave per month (20 days per year) by the end of the year. The team members coordinate with the clients the dates of the paid leave. This time is billed and added to the client invoice.

Hardware & Software

ViceSoft provides the client with the required resources who are equipped with standard working conditions, such as office space with a desk and a good Internet connection with a backup line. A laptop PC with an SSD drive and installed Windows/Linux are provided by ViceSoft. Any other client specific software required for the project is provided by the client. Usually it is purchased by ViceSoft and is included in the client’s monthly invoice. A dedicated Internet line or a connection with guaranteed speed can be arranged by ViceSoft and are subject to additional payment by the client.

Sick Leave

The client covers the sick leave of the employees if such happens. Only the first 3 days of the sick leave are paid by the company, the rest is paid by the social security system.

Payment and Pricing

Due payment is calculated on monthly basis and and invoice is issued on 25th of the same month. Payment of the invoice must be done withing 7 days. Overtime is registered and added to the monthly bill. The client is requested to pay by bank transfer up to 7 working days after the invoice has been issued.

The invoice is accompanied by a cost description document specifying how much costs each resource, including money spent on office expenses, team buildings and etc. Request a Quote!