DSK Direct WooCommerce Payment Gateway

ViceSoft has implemented a WordPress plugin that integrates into the WooCommerce platform and provides an easy way for taking payments with DSK Bank in Bulgaria.

On the following screen you see the administrative screen from where you configure the plugin:


You must have a merchant ID and an MD5 password provided by DSK bank. They have to be kept secure. You can take payments in BGN currency with any card – local or international. 3D secure payments are supported by the bank. The bank supports the following international currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, HUF, RON. If you would like to take payments with an international currency, then you can take payments only from international cards. Also the bank provides different Merchant ID for payments in international currencies.

On the following screen you see how the payment method is shown to the customer that is about to pay with it on the webshop checkout page:


You can configure the texts displayed to the customers from the administrative interface. Note that you need to contact DSK bank to send you a package of documents for creating a virtual POS terminal. There are certain documents and questionnaires that needs to be presented to the bank, like for what the shop will be used, what are your policies for refunds, goods return and etc. ViceSoft can help you in this effort if you hire us to build your webshop.

Test plugin in a demo shop environment

Order a product from the demo shop here, complete the check out form and click to pay. Then you will be redirected to the test environment of DSK bank.
You can login to our demo shop through this link: Go to admin site UserName: demo, Password: demo. When you are in the admin panel go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout -> ViceSoft DSK Direct. This is the configuration screen for the plugin. The merchant id needs to be 123456 and the Merchant password needs to be empty, so that the demo environment to works correctly.

The price of the plug-in is 144 BGN with VAT included. You can order here or pay by bank transfer.

Order here

Send invoice details by e-mail

The plugin is used on the following sites:


DSK is a reliable and trusted partner.


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Current Version 2.1

Supported WordPress versions: latest (4.9.5) down to 3.9

Supported WooCommerce versions: 3.3.5 down to 2.2.*

DSK bank, has new payment APIs since Jan 2018. The new plugin module with version 2.0+ supports the new APIs of the bank. The last version supporting the old APIs is 1.7

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