Get Leads into Dynamics CRM from your WordPress site

ViceSoft has developed a WordPress plugin that integrates with Contact Form 7 plugin from where we read the data for the lead and send it to our Dynamics CRM web2lead service. The web2lead service is responsible for committing the changes to Dynamics CRM and creating a lead record into the system.

We support Dynamics CRM Online 2013, 2015 and Internet facing deployments of Dynamics CRM 2013 or 2016 and Office 365 editions.

When you make a purchase of the service you need to send us a Dynamics CRM access credentials e.g. username and password and your website domain from where you will use the service. We use those to configure your subscription to our Dynamics CRM web2lead service. In return you get an API key which you put in the plugin.

If you download the plugin from it is free and with no support, and has a limitation of accepting of 5 leads per day. If you want to raise that limit, you can order the plugin for 190 EUR per year with included support and we guarantee integration with newest version of Dynamics CRM released by Microsoft.

In a following release of the plugin, there will be better administrative interface, where you will be able to enter your Dynamics CRM access credentials yourself and automatically get the API key. Currently this is work in progress.





Mapping Standard Lead Properties:

[text* lead-fname] -> Maps to CRM lead First Name
[text* lead-lname] -> Maps to CRM lead Last Name
[text* lead-mname] -> Maps to CRM lead Middle Name
[email* lead-email] -> Maps to CRM lead EmailAddress1
[text* lead-mobile] -> Maps to CRM lead Mobile Phone
[text* lead-postcode] -> Maps to CRM lead Address1_PostCode
[text* lead-descr] -> Maps to CRM lead Description
[text* lead-company] -> Maps to CRM lead Company Name
[text* lead-address] -> Maps to CRM lead Address1_Line1
[text* lead-website] -> Maps to CRM lead Website
[text* lead-city] -> Maps to CRM lead Address1_City
[text* lead-jobtitle] -> Maps to CRM lead Job Title
[text* lead-subject] -> Maps to CRM lead Subject
[text* lead-source] -> Maps to CRM lead LeadSourceCode (must be integer e.g. 0,1, etc.)
[text* lead-subject] -> Maps to CRM lead Subject
[text* lead-campaignid] -> Maps to CRM lead CampaignId (must be entity GUID of the CRM entity you are referring e.g. 2ad79f62-f811-4d19-9b27-3718c22cc077)

Mapping Custom Fields:

[text* lead-custom-customFieldName] -> Maps to CRM custome filed on the lead with crm field id: “customFieldName”

Current plugin version 1.8

Supports CRM 2013, CRM 2015, CRM 2016 OnLine and OnPremise with IFD

Supports WordPress 4.8.2 down to 3.0

Create Free Trial Now – valid 15 days

First Name (required)

Last Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Dynamics CRM Oragnization URL (CRM Online (2013/2015/2016) URL or IFD deployment) (e.g:

CRM Account Username (required)

CRM Account Password (required)

CRM Auth Type (Depends on CRM instance. Like CRM Online is Office365, IFD or AD)

CRM Domain (Leave empty if you use CRM Online. Mandatory if you use IFD or AD auth type)

Website Domain (e.g: - the site where you will use the plugin)

Instructions how to install and configure you will find in the free trial welcome email.

Order the plugin

Описание Сума
1y subscription for service getting Leads into Dynamics CRM from a WordPress site. Email support is included. BGN
Плащането се осъществява чрез – Интернет системата за плащане с банкови карти и микросметки

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In order to make sure all works you need to have completed the following:

1) Ensured that the right CRM org url, username and password are saved in the plugin along with valid API key from out create free trial form.
2) Ensured that the CRM username has the security permissions to read/write a new lead into CRM.
3) Ensure that the Contact Form 7 plugin is properly configured to send email. If email sending fails from the plugin, the data is not sent to CRM. For this your WordPress installation must have properly configured email. If you are using a local development server like WAMP, you need to use the WP SMTP plugin to configure properly email sending from WordPress.
4) Ensure that you use the right field names for Contact Form 7 configuration. Like [email* lead-email] and not just “your-email”
6) If the above steps are complete and it still does not work send us an email at office at and we will track the logs and help you.

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2 thoughts on “Get Leads into Dynamics CRM from your WordPress site

  1. Hi, can your plugin map a lead to Dynamics CRM 2016 when a new user registers or logs in via WordPress?

    We will have a members only section of the website and would like to prompt users to log in when they reach a restricted page.

    When they login we would like to capture this activity and map a lead to CRM.


    1. Hi Thomas,

      the plug-in does not support this right now, but we can implement a special release that supports this for your site. The plug-in currently connects to CRM 2013, CRM 2015 and CRM 2016 OnLine or OnPremise.

      Kind Regards,
      The ViceSoft Team

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