Go Green

We care about the environemnt we live in. It is a task for each individual, but also for organizations to implement.

In our day to day activities in ViceSoft we strive to be green. Some of the policies we have implemented are the following:

  • Use less paper. Do not print e-mails and documents if it is not strictly necessary.
  • Use lightbulbs and devices with high energy efficiency and turn off the lighting and all devices in the end of the working day.
  • Come to work on foot, by bicycle, use public transport as much as possible. We have an office close to a metro station, so that we do not use our cars every day.
  • We do not use plastic cups/plates. We use only glass cups/plates

We support the local rowing club Electron. You can support them by donating an amount of you choice to our account that will go straight for the club. More about the club you can learn at the club Internet page

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