ViceSoft and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM could be extended through the development of solutions. A “solution” could be adding a new field on a screen. A solution could be writing a custom plugin that will import/export data to/from the platform. This way we can help you by integrating Dynamics with a third party software which you use through out your entire organization.


Customization of Dyanmics CRM could include adding new types of record types like “Event” and “Venue” if your business is tied to event management. Normally there is no such record types in Dynamics CRM. Here we will list some of the basic record types in the platform: Account (Organization), Contact (Person), Opportunity, Lead, Email, Contract, Case and etc.

ViceSoft has experience integrating Dynamics CRM with 3d party systems. For example we can pull all your contact records and send them over to a third system in JSON format, or we can do some processing on the contacts and send an automated email. We can created leads into Dynamics CRM, that are generated from your website or other sources.

ViceSoft has the capacity to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM by developing custom solutions for the platform. If you want our help please call us or write to us.