About Us

ViceSoft is a leading supplier of software services and dedicated teams of software professionals. Our most important goal is to make our clients happy and provide them with the best possible service in terms of staffing their teams that work in our office, but also with providing them with the best possible code quality.


ViceSoft has been consulting, designing, developing and maintaining web sites and applications since 2014. Besides constantly growing in number and now housing over 5 web developers on different platforms, we are proud to claim that we’ve developed strength in terms of diverse web technologies and a compelling level of knowledge for each of them.


Majority of our web application and platform development projects were implemented using .NET. We’ve been working with the platform since version 2.0. Projects nowadays are based mostly on MVC Framework and less on Web Forms. One example of our work is a leading website builder software Simplesite.com.


Our leading open source web development platform is PHP. ViceSoft’s team has experience using many of the numerous frameworks, most notably Zend, Symfony, CodeIgniter.


This versatile programming language has gained significant traction in the past years. Most of our experience is related to the Django framework. We have significant knowledge in using Python as an instrument for scripting various tasks.


Our front-end team has abundant experience in the growingly mature and versatile presentation layer technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. At this point, we have accumulated exceptional knowledge in responsive design and related libraries (Bootstrap, LESS and others).


ViceSoft’s web development team quickly picked up on this high-performance platform as a well-founded server-side development solution and gained experience with the now widespread Node.js and Express frameworks.


ViceSoft has a substantial group of people with strong experience in JavaScript. We are proficient with a number of frameworks, especially jQuery and AngularJS. Also, our team has excellent knowledge in node.js.


The cloud department of ViceSoft has been a part of the cloud ecosystem for several years. We have vast experience using Amazon and Microsoft clouds.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Our team has developed a variety of apps on this platform using Azure mobile services, Azure databases and Azure websites using ASP.NET MVC

Amazon Cloud

This relatively old cloud has proven to be the most robust solution for large scale projects. We have succesfully developed content delivery solutions (CDN) using Amazon to server 100 million images across the globe and to serve 10 000 hours of video and 1 million custom CSS stylesheets compiled from LESS sources for various websites. We have done all this for our largest client SimpleSite.com

Dynamics CRM


Building upon the latest Dynamics CRM 2015 support for HTML5, all latest browsers and mobile devices compatibility, we have extensive experience in both implementing fluid and complex graphic designs, and catering for all screen sizes and device form factors. Touch, mobile, responsive, asynchronous user experience – when it comes to styling, CRM has its peculiarities and we are here to help with the challenge.


In contrast to typical web development, Dynamics CRM offers a broad range of tools to customize the system. We can help you create custom entities and fields which will extend your CRM to better match your business and business processes. We are also experts in CRM deployment and have Microsoft Certified Professionals that can help you ease the burned in CRM administration.


Every now and then, out-of-the-box Dynamics CRM will come short exactly where you need it and only using server side code can get you there. Traditionally, ViceSoft is very strong with the Microsoft technology stack and CRM is no exception since 2011. We have developed numerous solutions using bespoke plugins, custom fields, forms, reports, workflows, web services and etc. implementing specific business requirements or interfacing to external systems via SOAP, or REST. Lately a lot of interesting integrations involve CRM Online solutions and Office 365.



ViceSoft has very rich experience in .NET Windows Forms. Recently we have built several features for Access MBA application for MBA events.



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