WooCommerce BORICA Payment Gateway

WooCommerce Borica gateway offers you the ability to accept payments using “BORICА” payment services.

Using Borica you will be able to accept credit and debit card payments and your customers will benefit from the Borica secure payment page. To use the gateway you will work directly with your bank, which will offer you the chance to accept payment at a lower fee, than most payment providers. Some of the banks that work with Borica are:

Allianz Bank Bulgaria
BACB – Bulgarian American Credit Bank
Municipal Bank
Central Cooperative Bank
Tokuda Bank
D Commerce Bank
Societe Generale Expressbank
UniCredit Bulbank

WooCommerce Borica Gateway uses redirect customer payment experience. After your customers pick their products and choose to pay for them on your checkout page, they will be redirected to a secure Borica payment page. On the payment page they will enter their Credit/Debit card information and then will be presented with a 3D secure page ( if they participate ). After the payment is complete, your customers will be returned to your Thank You/Receipt page.

Below you can see how you can configure your terminal:


The price of the plug-in is 144 BGN VAT (included).

Note: In order to configure the plugin you need to generate a public/private key pair and generate request for certificates that you send to the bank. This procedure is described in the manual that you get from the bank. If you cannot do it yourself or feel it is complicated we can help you with this for the fee of 144 BGN with VAT. So in total it will cost 288 BGN with VAT if you want to buy the plugin and the configuration help service.

Order here

Request an invoice, send details by e-mail now

Sites using the plugin

www.heartyapetite.com – works in multi site mode

Current Version 1.8

Supported WordPress versions: latest (4.9.6) down to 3.9

Supported WooCommerce versions: latest down to 2.2.*

In v1.9 we added support for WordPress multisite mode

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